A Joint seminar between The Faculty of Economics, Universitas Negeri Jakarta, Indonesia and Kolej Islam Darul Ridzuan, Malaysia

Jakarta, October 11 – 12, 2011

“Bridging ideals & realities towards economic development sustainability in emerging islamic economic countries:

Islamic economy in macro & micro perspective”



Islam gives utmost significance to brotherhood and socio-economic justice and requires a balanced satisfaction of both the material and the spiritual needs. It imparts its economicsystem which is fundamentally distinct from prevailing economic systems, i.e., capitalism, socialism, and communism. The aim of Islamic economic system is not primaly on private earnings but rather based on the concept of human well-being and good life. With the presence of the muslim in the country and the emergence of Islamic movements working for the propagation of Islam, its expected that Islamic economy and its system will be gradually understood.

At least during the last 30 years Islamic economics has contributed significantly to the development of financial sectors and deepening of financial markets in several countries, thus contributing to economic development. As Islamic banking and finance is expanding worldwide, its systemic importance for the stability of national, regional, and global financial system is also increasing fast. Since Islamic economics makes financial services relevant for a wide population segment, the combination of the premise of islamic finance with the implementation of internationally accepted standards of best practices is expected to enhance wider access to more efficient and stable financial services

At present the development of Islamic economics is heading to a discussion of a more integral and comprehensive on the theory and practice of Islamic economics. The presence of shock in the conventional economic system, namely capitalism and socialism, became a challenge and an oppurtunity for the implementation of Islamic economics. In terms of theory and concepts that are most important is to build a comprehensive framework of economic science and integrates both micro and macro aspects of economics. Various standard scientific methods applied here a lot. From the practical side is how the performance of economic institutions that already exist (Such as a bank without interest) can be run either by showing all the advantages, as well as the need for sustained effort to apply the economic theory of Islam. This matters to the attention of many muslim economist today.

In Indonesia, the national Islamic economic development in desperate need of innovation, ideas, and new thinking are applied. Regular forum is expected to be a means to arouse interest in various circles of applied research, provide a forum for researchers and academics appreciation, as well as exchange ideas and examine the media conceptions of thinking to be applied in order to advance the national Islamic economy. To support this effort, we kindly invite for highly academic, applied and practical oriented papers focusing on Islamic economics. Each paper gives an account of the current state of the art in the respective fields and indicates the direction they will take in the next ten years.

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